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Advanced Veterinary Diagnostic Instrument

Lu-Mini is an innovative instrument designed for precise measurement of a broad spectrum of veterinary biomarkers. It utilizes the cutting-edge SPARCL™ method with onboard reference standard curves to ensure accuracy and reliability. With Lu-Mini, you can obtain results for each sample in just ten seconds by simply pushing the injector on top of the instrument. These results are displayed in the appropriate units and can be conveniently stored on the instrument or transferred to your in-house software.

Compact and Convenient

Recognizing the space limitations often present in veterinary laboratories, Lu-Mini is entirely self-contained, boasting custom-designed software onboard. This compact instrument has a small footprint, measuring a mere 23x16cm.

Key Features of Lu-Mini

  • Diagnostic Testing and Disease Monitoring
  • Fully Quantitative: Accurate and precise measurements for confident diagnosis.
  • Species-Specific Antibodies: Tailored to the unique needs of various animal species.
  • Rapid Results: Vets can provide clients with results in as little as a few minutes, ensuring swift decision-making during the appointment.
  • Laboratory Validated: Backed by publications that affirm its clinical utility.
  • Minimal Sample Required: Lu-Mini is versatile, requiring only small sample volumes—serum, whole blood (100 µl), faeces (0.5-1.0g), and urine (200 µl).
  • Applications: Lu-Mini is a valuable tool for diagnosing and monitoring a range of conditions, including inflammatory conditions, cancer, antibiotic stewardship, chronic enteropathies, and arthritis.
  • Accessible to Reference Laboratories: Praecis Dx tests, compatible with luminescence detection, are also available for other reference laboratories looking to enhance their diagnostic capabilities.

With Lu-Mini, you have a powerful, compact, and user-friendly diagnostic solution that meets the diverse needs of veterinary practices and laboratories.

Assays Launching Soon

  • Canine CRP
  • Canine Haptoglobin
  • Canine Procalcitonin
  • Feline SAA

We are in the process of developing many more assays and are keen to collaborate with laboratories to develop these novel specific biomarker tests.


PraecisDx is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our groundbreaking rapid Point of Care (POC) test. This innovative solution is designed to distinguish between bacterial infections and other forms of inflammation, offering timely and precise diagnoses for your beloved pets.

A Versatile Tool for a Range of Conditions

Lu-Mini isn’t just limited to bacterial infections; it’s a versatile instrument that covers a broad spectrum of ailments. From inflammatory conditions to cancer, cardiac issues, antibiotic stewardship, pancreatitis, Cushings, chronic enteropathies, and arthritis, Lu-Mini empowers veterinarians with the capability to triage and monitor a wide array of common conditions in dogs and cats.

Key Features of Lu-Mini:

  • Streamlined Triage and Monitoring: Lu-Mini facilitates efficient triage testing and continuous monitoring of your companion animals’ health.
  • Fully Quantitative: Obtain accurate and precise measurements, ensuring confident diagnoses and treatment decisions.
  • Backed by Research: Our instrument is laboratory validated, with publications that validate its clinical utility.
  • Sample Flexibility: Lu-Mini is compatible with various sample types, including serum, whole blood (100 µl), faeces (0.5-1.0 g), and urine (200 µl).
  • User-Friendly: No prior laboratory experience is required, making it accessible to all practitioners. Request a demonstration to witness its ease of use.
  • Rapid Results: Lu-Mini delivers results in just 20 minutes from start to finish, ensuring swift decision-making.
  • Seamless Data Continuity: Experience the advantage of seamlessly transferring data from the reference laboratory to POC, complete with values and reference ranges.

Lu-Mini represents a significant leap forward in veterinary diagnostics, offering a cost-effective, user-friendly, and scientifically validated solution for triage testing and treatment monitoring. Stay tuned for the launch of Lu-Mini, your trusted companion in pet healthcare.